Rights and Responsibilities

You have a right to: 

  • Be treated fairly and with respect regardless of your personal circumstances or beliefs.
  • Be informed about the scheme’s eligibility criteria and decision making processes.
  • Be informed about the Terms and Conditions of the loan.
  • Have your information treated with confidentiality and respect to privacy.
  • Know how information about you is recorded and who will have access to your information.
  • Make a complaint and have the complaint dealt with fairly and promptly without retribution.
  • Access your personal file after Vinnies NILS has received a request in writing.
  • Appoint a guardian or advocate if desired.
  • Have a support person present at interviews if desired.

Your responsibilities are to: 

  • Act in a manner that respects the rights of other applicants and volunteers of Vinnies NILS.
  • Ensure all information provided for the purpose of the loan application are true and correct.
  • Ensure that no false or misleading information is given at any time.
  • Make regular repayments as stated in your loan contract.
  • Advise Vinnies NILS if:
    • You are experiencing difficulties making your repayments.
    • You change your address or telephone number.
    • Centrepay is no longer available to you due to a change in your circumstances. 
    • In this situation you agree to use a repayment book. 
    • Obtain a replacement repayment book if necessary. 

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