Privacy Statement

Vinnies NILS recognises the right of every individual to access our loan services in a manner that respects the individual’s dignity and privacy.

Our volunteers are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of the information we obtain from you.

  • To consider each loan application, we need to collect personal information from you.
  • The personal information we obtain from you will only be used for the purpose of assessing your loan application and any related follow up activities.
  • Follow up activities may involve the disclosure of your personal information to parties providing you with the goods or services that the loan is required for. 
  • Your information will be used for reporting purposes that does not involve disclosure or use of your personal details.
  • Your personal information will only be disclosed to and used by volunteers who are actively involved in the lending operations of Vinnies NILS. 
  • Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other party or authority, except when required by law.
  • The personal information we obtain from you will be securely stored in a locked filing cabinet at our Geelong office.

You can arrange access to your personal information by contacting us on (03) 5229 8829 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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