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For many people, paying for essential goods and services is a struggle. Without a fridge you can’t store fresh food, without a computer kids can be left behind at school. The No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS) is a safe, fair and affordable credit alternative. 

Vinnies NILS offer interest free loans for the purchase of household appliances, computers, mobile phones, car repairs, education / health expenses and other associated goods or services that will improve the quality of life for individuals and families on low incomes. 

You can apply for a small loan of $300 to $1,500 with a fortnightly repayment over a period of twelve months. Once your loan is approved, repayments are deducted automatically from your Centrelink benefit every fortnight. To help you stay in control of your finances, you can also increase your fortnightly repayment and pay off your loan early with no hidden costs or charges.

Most loans are approved and funds ready for disbursement within 48 hours of your client interview – providing that all documentation has been received.

Step 1: Complete the Online Enquiry Form or Call (03) 5229 8829

To be eligible for a loan, there are three criteria:

a) You must be an individual or family on low income, which is defined as either:

  • Holding a Centrelink Health Care or Pension Card or 
  • Earning a total net income of:
    $45,000 or under for singles or 
    $60,000 or under for couples or people with dependents

b) Three months in current address (or previous address) 

c) No minimum age limit. There is no age restriction and people under 18 years of age are entitled to apply for a NILS loan if they meet the other two criteria.

Step 2: Interview

You will be contacted to let you know what documentation and forms of identification you will need to bring to your interview.
Please check out our Interview Checklist for a full list of the documentation required for your loan application.

Step 3: Assessment

The loans committee will make an assessment of your application.

Step 4: Approval

Once approved we will agree on affordable fortnightly repayments over 12 months.

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