Interview Checklist

IMPORTANT: Please bring a copy of the following information to your interview. Interview Checklist PDF 


r    A detailed quote for the product or service you require


r    Please note:


·        A delivery fee (if applicable) must be included in your quote


·        All quotes must be inclusive of GST


·        Vinnies NILS will only accept quotes from a business with a registered ABN


·        The preferred method of payment by Vinnies NILS is BPAY or Direct Credit


 Proof of Identity (one of the following):


r    Centrelink Card (HCC/PCC)


r    Australian Drivers Licence


r    Proof of Age Card


r    Australian Passport


r    Birth Certificate


r    Immigration Card


r    Veterans Affairs Identity Card


r    Community Identity Card


Proof of Address (one of the following):

r    Rental Agreement


r    Mortgage Statement or Rates Notice


r    Statement of Rental Payments


r    Statutory Declaration if above is not available


Centrelink Details:

r    Centrelink Income Statement (most recent)

Vinnies NILS can obtain a copy of your Centrelink Income Statement with your permission. Please sign the Client Written Authority Form - Centrepay eServices if you would like us to obtain a copy of this document on your behalf.  

Income Details (all that are applicable):

r    Recent Bank Statement – with 90 days banking (quarterly)


r    Payslips (if applicable) – 3 most recent


r    ATO assessment notice (most recent)


Household Expenses (all that are applicable):

r    Statement of Rental Payments or Mortgage Statement

r    Electricity Bill (most recent)

r    Gas Bill (most recent)

r    Water Account (most recent)

r    Internet and Home Phone Account, unless prepaid (most recent)

r    Mobile Phone Account, unless prepaid (most recent)

r    Credit Card Statement/s (most recent)

r    Statements from other existing loan/s and debts (e.g. fines and rent to buy agreements)

Please Note:

If you are unable to provide a copy of the required documentation your loan application will be delayed until this information is received.







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